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Applications Broadway and Broadway NG

Broadway is the ultimate tool for on-line trading of investment instruments. This application allows you to quickly and easily trade in real time on stock exchanges in the Czech Republic, USA, Germany. The purchase or sale of securities is only a matter of seconds. Part of Broadway is the second application Broadway NG, which enhance functionality of the program. It focuses directly on trading. Application Broadway was founded in 2007 and since the beginning it has been further developed along with the second application Broadway NG (2009) in accordance with the wishes of our clients and customers.

Business web application for the company BH Securities a.s.

Web application enables trading on financial markets in the Czech Republic and the USA. Streaming courses in the real time.


It is a tool for monitoring current status of your systems. It allows e.g. to warn the critical load of the system, dropping of automated processes, failure to daily activities, running out of free space on all servers or PCs.

EC Trade, Web application for the company EasyChange s.r.o.

Web Application: Client zone for exchange, carry out conversion, monitoring operations, commands and more.


Tool to easily track of your tasks. Allows retrospectively analyze problems, to determine the cost of solving problems, to see which tasks are currently in solutions and more.

CRM System

Internal web application and client center of BH Securities a.s. The system allows monitoring of communication, dial calls directly from the personal card, overview and booking meeting rooms.

Alphabet for children

The application includes 8 games with letters. Games are designed for children aged 4-7 years.

Spatial orientation

Educational program for children which has many options, it offers practicing basic concepts of spatial orientation and right-left orientation. Children will practice basic concepts of top-down, below-over, in the front-rear or e.g. right, left, first-last, just before and just after, top-bottom, etc.


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